Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 Review

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

New technology is great, but it seems to get outdated rapidly. As far as TENS technology is concerned, it can be difficult to keep up with the times. Therefore, it is often a good idea to find a cheaper item and use that until the next greatest technology comes out. One of the best massage therapy devices, often referred to as a TENS unit, is the Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030. This device is one of the most affordable pieces of technology that has been used for many decades and comes from Omron, one of the biggest names in healthcare.. The following article will help you to determine whether the PM3030  is right for you and how it might improve your life.

Convenient Pain Management

One of the reasons most people do not indulge in pain management with massage devices or therapists is because of the time expenditure and inconvenience. Many people can’t take the time out of their day to visit a therapist in order to have a massage, but they can take a small electronic device with them that can do the massage for them. The Omron pain relief device can help reduce stress through a number of fabulous ways. Whether it is your shoulders, back, or legs, there is a position that the Omron PM3030 can help.

At the same time, you will not add any more extra work for yourself with the Omron device. It is convenient only because it has pads that can be washed and because it uses batteries. With both of these features, it is easy to see how so many people might fall in love with using this device to quickly and easily manage pain.

Traditional Massage vs. Omron

As with many other TENS units on the market, the Omron is far more cost effective than a traditional massage. However, the Omron is particularly affordable and therefore gives an even better value than most other devices. For a cost cheaper than a single visit to a massage therapist, you will be able to get this device that lasts for hundreds of times. There is no comparison between the Omron device and a traditional massage. Something that many of those who have reviewed the Omron device agree with.

Omron Tens CloseupStill, there is something to be said about the price and durability. Some people have claimed that a small drop is enough to make the unit fall apart. Though it is no surprise that such an affordable unit is more fragile and prone to breaking, but it is important to keep this in mind when you are buying a TENS unit for yourself.

If you are willing to take the risk on a product that might break easier due to the cost, then you must be careful with the device once you buy it. If you have a history of breaking electronic devices, you might want to stay away from something that is this fragile!

Nonetheless, few could disagree that you will get a tremendous value for your money if you are able to keep the device out of harm’s way.

Is the Omron Right For You?

Anyone trying to determine whether the Omron is right for them must ask themselves a few questions beforehand. Are there going to be instances where it is easy to let the device break? If there are many instances where this might be a problem, it might be a good idea to look for something else. There are few products that are as affordable as this, but it may come with a cost if you are not careful.

The Omron pain relief device is definitely recommended to those who can keep electronic devices from breaking. If you are careful enough, it can help you to take advantage of a tremendous machine. The Omron is perfect for those who might not want to spend a ton of money on a new device, but would still like to try it out anyway, perhaps if you are new to TENS and EMS units in general this could be a great little starter unit. Compared to traditional massages and chiropractors, the Omron is a fantastic way to ease your pain and get a feel for what a tens unit is capable of.

TENS EMS # of Pads Dual Channel Modes Intensity Levels Power Price Rating
Y Y 2 N 3 5 Battery $ 3.9

You can see just how well the Omron PM3030 stacks up against other TENS units on our comparison chart here.

3.9 / 5 stars      

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