HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013 Review

HealthmateForever Pro-8ab 2013

My wife has had chronic back problems since before we got married and that is over 10 years ago. She has visited many doctors and has weekly appointments with a chiropractor and whilst there are things she would love to do with me,  her chronic back pain has prevented her from doing them. Recently however, i had some personal success with a tens unit, and we decided to do something different in terms of helping her back and therefore purchased the latest version of the popular HealthmaterForever range of tens units, the HealthmateForever Massager Pro-8ab. Quite the name I know, but it came highly recommended and has a number of features that particularly interested her.

When the device came in the mail, we found out it came with rechargeable batteries and it was a simple matter to plug it into the wall and the batteries charged. It was however more difficult waiting the full time till it charged as i was eager to experiment with it however my wife convinced me to wait. She is on the go a lot and she appreciated that she could charge the device by means of her computer and the provided USB cable which i thought was a really neat feature. Taking a look at the device itself, there are eight different modes that can be used and these are tuina, tapping, cupping, body building, acupuncture, guasha, weight loss and combination. My wife considered various modes for what would best work for her back and the device comes with pictures about what each mode was. She decided to dive in with the guasha mode.

I assisted her in putting the four pads on different parts of her back which was fairly simple and she started with one of the lowest intensity levels and left the unit attached for about 15 minutes. About half way through, she decided to increase the intensity and found whilst initially a little unusual to get used to, she found that it worked more effectively for her back. Afterwards, she told me that the intensity change really helped to relax her back and that it hadn’t felt this loose in quite some time. Whilst not quite ready to dance the tango, I asked how she thought about the massager was going and she told me it was too soon to say, but she liked what she experienced so far. Fingers crossed!

Over the following months, my wife uses the device at least once a day, usually just before she has to go to work. Being proactive with her back pain seems to make a difference when it is addressed in the morning and whilst it does mean her getting up a little earlier each day it’s a small price to pay. She has even brought the device to work and used it in the office, when she needed some relief and again the USB cable comes in handy here in case she needs to recharge it. Sometimes she still has terrible pain in the middle of the night, and due to the nature of her condition sadly this will likely always be the case, however at least she can gain some relief from it thanks to the Pro-8AB. On a related note the device has a brightly lit LCD display, which is extremely helpful for use in the middle of the night.

I asked my wife recently what her thoughts where about the HealthmaterForever now that she’s spent some time using it. Even though I have not realized it, she has begun to do things that she has not been able to do in the past. When we go to social events, she is able to stay for a longer period, since her back is not forcing her to leave. On some rare occasions, she has had to leave temporarily, but that is only to use the device to alleviate the pain. In addition to this, my wife has been able to watch a movie with me on our couch. Before this, she would have to sit in a chair, since her back would hurt too much. It’s the simple things that improve both of our qualities of life.

I am very pleased we decided to purchase the HealthmaterForever Pro-8ab. It has enabled my wife to have more normal life with dignity and pleasure. She still visits the chiropractor, but it is once every two weeks instead of twice a week, which is a huge accomplishment. Our relationship is stronger and we look forward to doing more things together.

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4.8 / 5 stars      

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